PrestaShop Customizations Service

Customize and develop your existing PrestaShop store, just as you need!

What are the customizations?

Actually customizations can be ordered for existing websites. If you have a PrestaShop-based store and you would like to make some modifications, you're in a exact right place! Let us change your website in a way you like.

Would you like to modify your theme? Would you like to customize your order process? Would you like to change the way your UI / UX looks like? They're all possible, thanks to our professional experts team. If you need customizations and development, contact us using the contact page.

Is there a list of possible customizations?

You can say there's almost no limits on customizations you can order. But here are some of most common customizations our customers requested:

  • Style customizations
  • Theme customizations
  • JavaScript / jQuery customizations
  • Add or improve store's existing features' functions
  • Customize the order process
  • Customize your products page
  • Customize your shopping cart page
  • Customize invoices and emails
  • Customize your contact page
  • Customize your CMS pages
  • Customize everything!

How much does it cost?

It depends on your requests. For small changes normally we estimate the price by proximate minutes it takes the expert's time to apply your changes. Commonly the small changes takes 30 to 60 minutes which would be about $60 to $120. If your changes take more than an hour, then we'll estimate the price in a way it doesn't become too expensive! We care about your budget :)

You can always ask us to estimate your "Requested Customizations" price before you place an order.