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PrestaShop themes

Your PrestaShop theme is your PrestaShop style. It defines how should your store looks like. But it's not only the style that matters, there are also different features included in a theme. There are 2 types of themes: Public Themes and Custom Themes.

Public themes are the ones that are designed to be sold on a public market such as iPresta addons market, PrestaShop addons market, Envato ThemeForest market, and ... . They're cheaper and there are usually regular updates releases for bug fixes and improvements but limited on available customizations (or sometimes expensive customizations) and limited number of features (they might have some extra features you don't need [but you pay] and miss some features you need). Another point is that the theme you buy is not unique! It means there might be hundreds or thousands stores using the same theme!

Custom themes are the ones that are designed to match the customer needs! They only include the features you really need. They're styled the way you like. They're specially designed for your field of activity. There are no limits on any customizations in future. You can order a PSD file to be designed before your theme creation.

A short comparison between public and custom themes:

Public Themes


Cheaper but more limitations

  • 1X licence/domain
  • Might be sold to hundreds or thousands
  • Not unique
  • Some are limited customizable
  • Regular updates
  • Might include PSD files
  • Limited necessary or unnecessary features included [BUT YOU PAY]
  • Commonly expensive customizations
  • Commonly not for a specific field of activity
  • Default order process
  • Default checkout process
  • Default login / register process
  • Custom modules are not included

*Prices are approximate.

Custom Themes


More expensive but unique

  • 1X licence/domain
  • Exclusively for you
  • Unique
  • Unlimit cutomizable
  • Exclusive updates
  • You can order a PSD file
  • Just necessary features included
  • Fair price for customizations
  • Designed to match your field of activity
  • Can include custom order process
  • Can include custom checkout process
  • Can include custom login / register process
  • Custom modules are included if ordered

*Prices are approximate.

Why custom themes are unique & exclusive?

The answer is simple. Since the custom themes are especially designed for a person who ordered them and they're not sold to any other person, so they're unique and exclusive. Beside that, you can order a PSD [Adobe Photoshop] or AI [Adobe Illustrator] file to be designed before we start your theme designing.

What are the benefits of ordering a PSD or AI file before theme creation?

  • The designer asks about your needs and designs the structures based on your answers
  • You have full control on the file modifications
  • You can see how your theme would be look like before it's created!
  • PSD / AI files customization are much cheaper than a final theme customizations
  • You can purchase the PSD / AI file from another graphic service provider
  • We can design your theme based on any PSD / AI file you have [Except the ones against copyrights]
  • Your theme designing will be start after your confirmation on PSD / AI files
  • We guarantee that your theme would be as same as the PSD / AI file
  • Commonly PSD / AI files contain the Front-Office home page, category page, and product sheet page
  • You can order the other pages to be designed too

What if I have a HTML, PDF, or other sort of files?

No problem. Just send that file to us, we'll check it and calculate the price of designing a theme for you just as same as your sent file [or even with modifications if you like].

How is the process?

Order reception, collecting information, designing process, finalizing your dreams!

Collect Information

As soos as you send your request using the contact form or the email address to us (please check the contact us page) we'll discuss it with the designing and development team. Then we'll prepare a few questions if needed, and send you an email containing those questions. We'll keep in touch with you until we make sure we've enough information about your project.

Please explain your project in details so the result would be delivered in the best quality to you :) We really care about the details.

Collecting information about your project

project brain storm and analysis

Brainstorm & Analyze

Right after we collect enough information and we're sure we know all the details, the brain storm starts! Our team including designers, developers, marketers and analyzers will overview the gathered information. They'll analyze your project from all aspects and prepare the result. Now we're ready to tell you how long does it take to finalize it, how much does it cost, and let you know our ideas to improve the quality. After your confirmation we'll provide you the invoice to start.

Creating & Development

This is the best part. Now the design and development starts. In this section you'll see how professional is our team. We'll design everything in details, develop everything you need, nothing you don't!

The point here is that since we love our job as PrestaShop designer and developer, we'll put all our efforts on your project. After we design your theme and develop all your requested features, we'll provide you an online demo so you can see it in action before implementing it on your store. Check everything in deatils please.

PrestaShop designing and development process

Process Step4

Launch & Maintenance

Congratulations! Your project is ready to launch on your website. Is our job finished? No our main job starts from here. Launching and finalizing your project is not the end. We'll stand to you side-by-side to help you on technical issues, and for your shop maintenance. Thanks to our technical team, we provide you six months free support and one year free updates on your theme. So there's nothing to worry about. Just do the management and make your dreams come true. We're always ready to help you to find the answers and fix the issues.