Iran Online Marketing Services

How much do you know about Iranian growing online market and the benefits of being involved in it?

Brief information about Iran's eCommerce situation

First take a look at Iran's population. Iran has about 80,200,000+ population. Based on the last stats (2017) there were 42,500,000+ internet users in Iran, which is 52.9 percents of Iran's population. Lets go into some statics and charts:

Iran's population vs internet users

Comparing Iranian population with Iranian internet users chart

52.9% of IR's population are internet users

Age of Iranian internet users

Comparing Iranian internet user age variety chart

70% of IR's internet users are younger than 29yrs

Amount of online payment transactions in Iran

Comparing amount of online payment transactions in Iran in year 2016 and 2017

157.54% increase in amount in one year

It's the right time to get involved in Iran's online growing market!

It's not the end of story! Iran's online market is growing each year amazingly. So, if you're going to get into Iran's online market, it's the right time. We've helped companies to extend their online market to Iran. The "DECATHLON" company is one example. We did some consultancy services for them to know more about Iranian payment gateways, Iranian delivery and postal services, and etc... . We also provided them a high quality PrestaShop theme to start their online store. We're also handling their graphic designing services such as banners and so on.

What we can do to help you?

Iranian culture is very different with the rest of the world, but we know it well! We can help you from the start with consultancy, installation, and configuration services to providing your theme, modules, support and maintenance:

  • Consultancy services to get familiar with Iran's online market
  • PrestaShop installation and configuration services
  • Make your existing store compatible with RTL lay-out
  • Translate your store to Persian language
  • Provide you high quality theme
  • Provide you necessary modules
  • Provide you Iranian payment gateways feature
  • Provide you Iranian COD and postal features
  • Provide you Iranian SMS sending features
  • Provide you modules and features development
  • Provide you high quality graphical matterials
  • Provide you technical support and maintenance services
  • All other services to get the most out of Iran's growing market

Would you like to get involved?