Migrating to PrestaShop is easy!

Whether you are using OSCommerce, Zen Cart, OpenCart, Magento, Shopify or any other e-commerce software currently available, you can easily switch to PrestaShop

Take your data with you. Switching to PrestaShop is quick, easy and secure!

Easily migrate your existing online store to PrestaShop and begin improving online sales with enhanced features, higher speed, and a powerful back office. Regular updates and great customer support - that goes without saying.

Migrate your existing store to PrestaShop

How much will it cost to switch to PrestaShop?

The price of migration will depend on the number of products, customers and orders you wish to migrate. Please contact us using the CONTACT PAGE to calculate your transfer cost.

All-in-One PrestaShop Migration Solution

Looking for an all-inclusive service? Take a look at iPresta Migration Service Packages! Experts from the iPresta Team will help you make a seamless switch to the best ecommerce shopping experience. You can swith from:

Magento to PrestaShop

WooCommerce to PrestaShop

OpenCart to PrestaShop

Virtuemart to PrestaShop

OsCommerce to PrestaShop

ZenCart to PrestaShop

BigCommerce to PrestaShop

Volusion to PrestaShop

Shopify to PrestaShop

and many more...!

Migrate to PrestaShop with our expert team and benefit from:

  • 100% secure and error-free automated migration
  • 100% uptime for your original store, even during the switch
  • 100% of products, customers, orders and data migrated to your new PrestaShop store

Are you ready to switch to PrestaShop?