Upgrade PrestaShop Services

100% guaranteed PrestaShop upgrade service, save time and money, keep your data safe!

Upgrade your PrestaShop to the latest stable version

Feel safe to let us upgrade your existing PrestaShop store to the latest availabe stable version without losing your data and contents [GUARANTEED]! We're experienced, we've upgraded hundreds of stores.

Upgrade PrestaShop to the latest version

PrestaShop regularly release new versions of their e-commerce platform, these new versions can cover anything from feature updates and bug fixes to security updates to keep your online business safe.


PrestaShop provides a built in module for upgrading your store but rushing ahead and clicking the upgrade button can very easily break your store, leave you unable to process orders or take payments and if you are trying to upgrade to the new major release then your site theme is unlikely to be supported by the latest PrestaShop version.